South Africa is situated at the southern most tip of the epic and mysterious continent of Africa. It has a land area of 1.2 million square kilometres that stretches from the great Limpopo River in the north, to the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Agulhas in the south. It is here that two great oceans, the Indian and the Atlantic, meet. The interior of the country is high plateau, separated from the coastline by a chain of mountains giving South Africa an abundance of highly diverse and dramatic landscapes.


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South Africa has a turbulent recent history with the release of Nelson Mandela from a 27-year jail sentence initiating the change from the apartheid regime to multi-racial democracy. Home to approximately 49 million people, South Africa is a melting pot of culture, race and ancestry, with eleven official languages and seven different ways of saying ‘South Africa’. This diversity of languages gives an indication of the exotic combinations that makes South Africa truly unique. The epitome of African culture juxtaposed with the frenetic pace of world progress, a complementary blend of third world and first world, a dynamic fusion of old-age customs and modern sensibilities.


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South Africa’s contrasts are not limited to landscape, culture and people but also found in flora and fauna. It is a fine depiction of Gondwanan distribution, the third most biologically diverse country in the world, and the only country to host an entire plant kingdom within its borders.


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South Africa is a whole world within one country, from fish rich oceans to majestic mountains, award-winning vineyards to arid desert and wildlife-stalked bushveld to tropical forest.


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The Rainbow Nation is blessed with magnificent, unspoiled natural splendour and rich cultural heritage, a destination in its own right or the perfect gateway to other African adventures.


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