‘Safari’ is the Swahili word for ‘a journey’ and Kenya evokes a nostalgia for the earliest origins of the African Safari. Romance and adventure are plentiful in the classic stories told in ‘Out of Africa’ and ‘Born Free’, illustrating Kenya’s scenery, wildlife and people, which have an enduring appeal. Kenya is a sovereign state achieving political independence from the British in 1963. Since, anxious times have been defied, mainly due to its dynamic people who are among the most colourful in East Africa. Friendly and hospitable, the Kenyan people rely heavily on tourism.
 Kenya 6
Located on the east coast of Africa, the equator bisects the country resulting in a tropical climate, although diverse geography provokes wide variations in temperature, rainfall and humidity. In relation to size, the assorted landscape is unparalleled and the multitude of national parks and reserves all have their own unique attractions. Marine reserves boast coral reef gardens; palm fringed beaches and turquoise oceans, while the savannah grasslands exhibit quintessential depictions of imagined Africa, harsh, trackless expanses, solitary flat-topped acacias and incredible concentrations of plains game. Kenya remains one of the best places in Africa to see great wildlife – lions, elephants, leopards and of course the annual ‘wildebeest migration’ streaming into the Masai Mara from Tanzania.
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The East African Rift Valley runs through the country from top to bottom and provides stunning landscapes of giant volcanoes, hot springs and flamingo sprinkled lakes. Dominated by Lake Turkana, the ancient source of the Nile, the rift valley lakes are some of the most picturesque in Africa. The formation of the rift created Mt. Kenya, the second highest peak in Africa, some three million years ago. This remarkable destination offers adventure and activity: unrivaled game viewing in the Mara; camel riding through the NFD; hiking in the central highlands; fly fishing on high altitude lakes, and snorkeling, diving, and deep sea fishing on the coast – an awe-inspiring travel choice.
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