The perfect warrior’s eyes shot wide. The bio-android had not yet regenerated, and thus couldn’t hope to evade the cutting blade. Such excitement, such tension, it pushed him to his absolute best. While her husband from an alternate universe continued facing down his sworn nemesis, Videl of the 18th was fleeing through the arena halls, pulling Bra by the arm. As Daimao and Kaioshin were much further away, the zig zag’s path was larger with more gaps, and easier to evade. But I’m afraid you still fall short of perfection — and even the best fights must eventually come to an end!”. Cell staggered from the pain in his shoulder, but he wasn’t allowed time to recover. He’d lost control of his own technique, and trying to recover them at this point would be vanity. “Just thinking about Vegeta’s face when I toss his daughter’s brutalized corpse at his feet gets me all riled up, hah! Two electric energy balls formed at the center. The Kaioshin’s lips were pursed and he was desperately trying to blow air through them, but all that was heard was a slight “Fuuu, fuuu...”, “What do you think you’re doing?” King Piccolo asked, sketching a mocking grin. But such were the ultras: super-humans themselves, with the addition of nanotechnology. It was a result other than the one he’d hoped to have after the attack. Just wait, I’ll take care of you shortly!”. Adapted by npberryhill, Kakarotto Ka Power Level Kya Hai?, and Team. But he himself was a soldier, not only professionally trained for such instances, but also experienced and hardened by disasters, wars, and death. Immediately, he connected with a barrage of strikes that the Saiyan could barely keep up with. That should have brought the nano-warrior relief, but something was wrong. The second Son Gohan was still a threat to his master, and he would need to have strength remaining to keep the Saiyan out of the way. And any fights with forfeits, I will not either. He grumbled in pain, but continued dodging the rest of them — the Kienzan slicing through the asteroid’s surface to be lost in space. A dramatic narration with motion and sound effects of every Special Chapter of Dragon Ball Multiverse up to date through October 18th 2020! The most dangerous of all the Majin forces was back and as threatening as ever. The last thing she saw was Nappa’s twisted grin as she collapsed, Bra’s immobile form just a few feet away. He felt the advantage still, but knew his victory was not a sure thing. Dragon Ball Multiverse Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. That wasn’t to say that Piccolo Daimao wasn’t panting just as hard as his opponent. “We might be better off in the arena, I can sense Piccolo’s energy there. “Too bad for the ally, I’m going for it!” he said. It might be the most useful skill Kakarotto had taught them from all those years ago. But now, I’m afraid your usefulness has run out... I’m the strongest, I am Perfect Cell, ha ha ha ha ha!”. The azure surf swallowed the perfect android from point blank range. Gohan was a caring father whose family was in danger, he couldn’t be expected to carry the responsibility of fighting Cell amidst such a burden. Naurb is one of the Heloïte fighters representing Universe 19. With a quick gesture, he bent his right arm and placed the hand near his left shoulder. Perhaps he could even fight them both at once! Spreading his wings, he began dodging the energy discs to the best of his ability. This novelization is verified as canon by Salagir, who also includes additions of his own. She also wears typical Heloïte armor. Cell’s words evaporated from his mind and his mouth, realizing what Gohan was insinuating. RULES. “And so the fight continues!”. The battle strategy, however, was far more to his advantage than Gohan’s. Neither the fragile Ultra Armor, nor any among the Heloites held even the slightest interest to him — not when Gohan was still in play! “Nooooooo!” Daimao exclaimed, just as the energy lazer cleaved his body in two, from his pelvis up through his cranium. The bio-android’s pupils shrunk to specks.