Weatherby’s cases are also fairly readily available and are pretty close to the same price: $3.50/case for 338 Lapua vs $3.50/case for Weatherby 338-378 depending where you pick them up from. Thanks JB very nice article. Do you like hunting? Well said ,who ever came up with the saying a Magnums MAGNUM. * What would the recoil of a 30-378 Weatherby Mag with a 200grain bullet loaded at full pressure be like in an 8 pound rifle?Because I just had a rifle made at this weight and it has no brake!What can I expect when I pull the trigger.-----Death Comes To Us All. Designed to replace the 375 Weatherby Magnum, deep penetration and bone smashing power are the calling cards of the 378. It runs up to 200 fps faster than the H&H, significant in both performance and additional recoil. Calculations were corrected to standard temperature (59F/15C) … 30-378 Weatherby Magnum Chamber Reamer . In a weatherby custom mark 5. If you do self loading/reloading, yes you can reload. Is it much worse than a Remington 870 express super magnum (7 1/2lbs) shooting 3'' slugs or buckshot? Why wont the cylinder on my revolver open now? The .375 Weatherby Magnum (9.5×73mmB) is a medium-bore rifle cartridge. The .375 Weatherby Magnum, developed by Roy Weatherby in 1944, is an “improved” version of the .375 H&H, meaning the body taper has been removed to increase powder capacity. It was the title of the article on the 378, your welcome to use mine if you in Denmark some day :-), If this is your first visit, be sure to First time I saw Magnum's Magnum was article by Bog Hagel in a Wolfe publishing book. However, Weatherby took the discussion to the next level and has bridged the gap, so to speak, enter the 6.5-300 Weatherby. Rougher is -.009 thou, unless noted. Recoil Products; Shooting Gloves; Shooting Rests & Bipods; Shooting Sticks & Monopods; ... WEATHERBY AMMO 378 WEATHERBY 300g FMJ HORNADY 20/bx 10/cs . This round is pushing a 130 grain bullet at a screaming 3,476 feet per second (fps) muzzle velocity. The author analyzed six .30 caliber magnum cartridges (.300 H&H Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Weatherby, .300 Remington Ultra Mag., .30 Nosler, and .30-378 Weatherby) for trajectory, effective range, and recoil with modern ballistic software available free online from The .338-378 has a nasty recoil compared to the 338LM, too. Its massive case holds so much powder that Federal designed its super-hot 215 primer to handle the load. Being a traditional .30-06 guy, this is a mind blower and potential game changer of a round. When the item is bought, or you don't longer are looking for this purchase; edit your first topic and add a DELETE in the headline. The Contestants. How thick should the pipes be in order to make a slam shotgun ? Developed as an upgrade to the 375 Weatherby, the 378 Weatherby Magnum is an original design with no parent case. Weatherby then set about designing a .375 caliber cartridge of extreme power. Originally designed for the military in 1959 by Roy Weatherby, it was not available to the general public as a factory offering until 1996. I've hunted from Praire dogs up to Bull Moose and everything in between. Both of these cases are high quality, and the cost of firing these big rifles means that any cost savings on … After creating the .375 Weatherby Magnum in 1944, Roy Weatherby eventually formed the opinion that his .375 was underpowered. Yes, the .378 Weatherby will generate considerable free recoil, an average of 77 ft. lbs. In true Weatherby fashion, the .340 generates velocities almost 300 fps faster than the .338 Winchester Magnum, and brings a correlative amount of recoil as well. The 215 magnum rifle primer was developed by Federal specifically for this round. 375 Weatherby Magnum has no equal. One of our members, Wbypoor (Glenn), has added his wealth of experience with the .378 to this article supported by 30 years of use, which is more than anyone I know of and, as co-author, certainly adds considerable depth and breadth to this important cartridge in the Weatherby line-up. Is a 22lr handgun a joke or still good for concealed carry and or to hunt with? This compares to 20 ft.lbs from a rifle chambered for .30-06 Springfield, but is only 10% more than the recoil of the .375 H&H Magnum while having 22% more energy. Caliber/Gauge: 30-378 Weatherby Magnum. There are some shooters who can handle recoil extremely well. Get your answers by asking now. Weatherby also designed a line of high-velocity magnum cartridges, like the .270 Weatherby Magnum, the .300 Weatherby Magnum, the .378 Weatherby Magnum and the .460 Weatherby Magnum. well writen. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The .30-378 Weatherby Magnum is a .30 caliber, belted, bottle-necked rifle cartridge. .378 hit hard, very hard (depends on load). For a hunter desiring a comprehensively capable single rifle for all of his hunting needs, the enormously versatile. The .378 Weatherby Magnum was designed by Roy Weatherby in 1953. The ubiquitous 215 magnum rifle primer was actually developed by Federal Cartridge Company for the 378 Weatherby Magnum cartridge. 30-378 Recoil. Less than 5 in stock Item #: WYH378300FJ ... Weatherby Brass 378 Weatherby Magnum Unprimed Box of 20 . The .338-378 Weatherby Magnum started out as the wildcat cartridge, .338-378 Keith-Thomson Magnum during the early 1960s.Keith and Thomson are Elmer Keith and R.W. Still have questions? Do you have testing before . Even if you can handle the recoil for a few shots, you can at best shoot 10 times before 'shooter fatigue' sets in and your accuracy starts to drop. Recoil is severe, particularly in the relatively lightweight factory rifles often chambered for these cartridges. I was overwelmed when I read about the .378 Weatherby Magnum. It was an original belted magnum design with no parent case, inspired by the .416 Rigby and headspacing of the belted .375 H&H Magnum. In the real world, firearms chambered for less powerful cartridges are typically built lighter than firearms chambered for more powerful cartridges. I know it depends on weight stock and everything, but I just want ageneral idea or it compared to a 12 gauge. Driving a 250-grain bullet to 2940 fps, for over 4,800 ft.-lbs. In the quest for a larger case Roy Weatherby utilized the 416 Rigby as a parent case design.For the sake of marketing a belt was added to the .416 Rigby case which, combined with the double radius shoulder, gave it a true ‘Weatherby Magnum’ appearance. With a 26″ heavy barrel and adequate rifle mass, the recoil is easily tolerated even by a small (100 lb) woman, not so the ridiculously overbored .378 Weatherby Magnum. He wants me to shoot it, to see if I can handle it, and if I can, he is going to give it to me. Roy Weatherby’s 378 delivers 34 percent more energy at the muzzle than the powerful 375 H&H Magnum. However, for the shooter who wants to create "cartridge envy" in the minds of his or her peers, the .300 Remington Ultra Mag and .30-378 Weatherby Magnum are hard to beat. I suspect the 300-378 weatherby magnum has too much recoil for 95% of shootes. .30-378 Weatherby Magnum History Based on the giant .378 Weatherby case, the .30-378 Weatherby was designed as a wildcat cartridge by Roy Weatherby … "Bob" Thomson. The 375 Wby Mag is simply the 375 H&H fire-formed to greater capacity by straightening out the cartridge walls. So, .378 is nothing compare to that ;)... * According to the Rifle Recoil Table the .378 Weatherby Magnum shooting a 300 grain bullet at 2900 Feet per second has a Awesome Recoil Energy of 71.1 out of a possible Maximum Total Recoil Energy Score of 100. In the table below rifle weight is given in pounds, free recoil energy is given in foot pounds, and free recoil velocity is given in feet-per-second. If you look at a chart put out by Remington you will see better ballistic information based on the .300 Weatherby ammo that they load. The cartridge was developed in response to a US Army military contract in 1959. would you feel comfortable in bear country with a 5.56 loaded with green tip ammo? The cartridge can hold upwards of 7.13 g (120 gr) of powder.The 378 Weatherby Magnum cartridge also … Do not forget that rifle weight is a crucial factor in the recoil equation, inversely proportional to recoil. It reduces Recoil by 50% that way you are not sacrificing Impact Energy, and Performance, or lowering of the 2900 feet per second. The magnum era in North America kicked off with the introduction of the 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum in the early 1960s. * According to the Rifle Recoil Table the .378 Weatherby Magnum shooting a 300 grain bullet at 2900 Feet per second has a Awesome Recoil Energy of 71.1 out of a possible Maximum Total Recoil Energy Score of 100. Barrel Length is 23 1/4” ...Click for more info AWESOME CALIBER. I've wanted to write an article on the mighty .378 Weatherby for some time, but felt I lacked the experience with the cartridge to do it true justice. Other magnum cartridges like the 30-378 Weatherby Magnum and 300 WSM have come along since then, giving hunters looking for serious magnum performance no shortage of options to choose from.