As guides we are often confronted with some pretty heart wrentching scenarios: Mother Nature is not always an easy companion. Many conservationists, environmentalists and guides believe that when in a wilderness area we should have a strict non-interference policy. Certainly, in many cases this is true. But then, are we not part of the process? Is man that far removed from the natural world that we are no longer an interacting animal on some level? I believe we are, and that our compassion is one of the most beautiful qualities of our species.

Would I drive a landrover in between a pack of hyenas and some unsuspecting cheetah cubs? I confess, I would. Wopuld I flip a tortoise over if I found it on its back, flipped by a rival male? I would. Would I try to help a mother elephant drowning in a puddle of mud? I would try my very best! Kudos to the team at Norman Carr Safaris for this incredible elephant rescue!