James Kydd

We were in the North, busy with some fresh male lion tracks, when Malvin and Milton called in a pack of three wild dogs on Manyelethi West! We were just around the corner, and joined them for what was the first sighting of wild dogs at Londolozi since January 2005. That pack of dogs was obliterated by the Sparta pride.

After the Ethiopian wolf, the African wild dog, (or Cape hunting dog) is the most endangered carnivore in Africa, with possible only between four and five thousand left on the whole continent.

These beautiful predators (their latin name Lycaon pictus means painted wolf) are the most efficient large predators in Africa, having success with most of the hunts they begin, relying on their incredible endurance to run creatures like impala to exhaustion. The pack stayed only for a short while, but seemed to be calling for others, and soon they were off into the river where we could not follow.