James Kydd

Morning Drive at Taylor’s crossing : All 9 of the Selala Lion Pride (male, 2 females and 6 cubs) were found feeding on the giraffe they’d broght down. The mother (tail-less lioness) of the 2 adult lionesses arrived with her 2 sub-adult male cubs, but was hesitant to go down to the giraffe as the male was not the father of her young and would likely kill them if he could.

When he did see her, he chased after her and the cubs, she bravely stayed and waited for him as her young males ran off to try and buy them some time. The short but aggressive fight gave her cubs a head start. He easily overpowered her, and started roaring- but then something happened that none of us had expected: his roars were answered by the not too distant roars of another two males- the Shaws male Lions!

The Shaws Lions were attracted by the calling and the smell of the giraffe carcass. They were way outside their territory, and by the sound of their calls, they were running our way.

The 2 young lionesses and the male sprinted back to their 6 cubs to take them North over the Sand River.

Two minutes later and the Shaws males arrived: the first thing they saw was one of the young male (tail-less lioness’s cubs) disappearing over the crest and they broke into a full, powerful sprint with deadly intentions.

They disappeared over the hill, but from the distress cries that followed it was clear that there was one less lion in Londolozi. As unfortunate as it was the distraction that the young lion provided may have saved the lives of the 6 Selala cubs who would almost certainly been killed if found. The males then found the carcass and settled in to feed.