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In today’s society, all we do is look down, streets and walkways are so busy, that you have to watch your every step. Like now for example, are you looking down at your computer screen like I am? How often do we actually take some time to look up, and I don’t mean up, I mean UP! Up at the sky, but not during the day though, because the sun will damage your eyes! This time of year is quite interesting when it comes to astronomy, and no, astronomy is not me predicting your future from the stars. Astronomy is the study of stars and constellations.

As the seasons change, the constellations change as well. From now on until the start of winter, one of the common constellations easily visible is the great hunter known as Orion. Orion is quite well known for his belt, which a lot of people might know as the three kings and a way to find North. One of the main stars in Orion is known as Betelgeuse,  and it is classified as a super-giant red, which in this case means it is about 128 000 times bigger than earth! Makes you feel small doesn’t it? Orion is bright enough to be seen from just about everywhere, but if you are travelling outside any of the main towns, where light pollution doesn’t disturb your view quite as much, take a few moments and see if you can spot it clearly, along with the milky way and other constellations such as Scorpius, Taurus and Libra.


If you are interested in a bit of Greek mythology, Orion the great hunter, once threatened to hunt/kill all the animals on earth, so Gaia, in charge of nature, took him, and placed him into the night sky to keep them all safe! She did so, by sending a scorpion to sting him, whilst he was attempting to hunt Taurus, the bull, which is perhaps why us Taureans can be stubborn??? Why was he hunting all the animals though? To show off of course, to none other than Pleiades, also known as the 7 sisters!