The Ranger Diaries Experience

Ranger Diaries was founded by professional photographer James Kydd as platform to share the safari experience through the eyes and lenses of professional guides and rangers throughout Africa. The original site quickly gained popularity and was named The Best Environmental and Photographic Blog for 2011, 2012 and 2013. Since founding, Ranger Diaries has culminated a large and loyal fan base that is actively concerned and involved with wildlife and regional conservation.

In 2015, the new and improved site was launched to better fit Ranger Diaries’ role as a major carrier of superb photography, conservation and environmental news and travel reporting. Ranger Diaries now sports a team of contributing writers and photographers from all over the world and has since branched out to include content from other continents including North America and Europe.

Our Vision

To foster a connection between people and nature through the use of the imagery, knowledge and stories of wildlife photographers, safari guides and individuals involved with conservation. Our vision is that this connection – the ability for everyone to see, feel and experience the purity of the natural world and all its inhabitants – will inspire change and lead to the preservation of, and love for, the world’s wild lands and wildlife.

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The Team

James Kydd

James Kydd – Founder

James Kydd on Twitter

James Kydd on Instagram

James is an international safari guide and wildlife photographer. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Nature Conservation and has been guiding at some of South Africa’s top safari lodges since 2002. Since then he has lead safaris further afield, that include following the great herds through East Africa, tracking jaguars in the floodplains of the Brazilian Pantanal and seeking out snow leopards in the Himalayas. James has dedicated his life to re-connecting people to the natural frequencies of the wild with the belief that this is our greatest chance of protecting wilderness. He created the multiple-award winning website Ranger Diaries as a platform to promote guides and photographers and celebrate the wildlife they work with. When not on safari he is based in Cape Town.


Joe LawrenceJoseph C Lawrence – Technical Partner

Joseph C Lawrence on Twitter

Joe is a partner in Cape Town based design and web development agency Clickshape. He spends every spare moment he can exploring the world’s wilderness areas, from the glaciers of Patagonia to the desert dunes of Namibia. At Ranger Diaries he focuses on ensuring that the experience people have online with RangerDiaries.com are beautiful and meaningful, and support our core goal of sharing the importance and beauty of the earth’s wildlife and natural environments.



Tristan Owen

Tristan Owen – Technical Partner 

Tristan Owen on TwitterTristan is a partner in Cape Town based design and web development agency Clickshape, and has deep experience in the design and development of content heavy website CMS systems. He keeps Ranger Diaries’ content organised and optimised for digital publishing and is constantly in awe of the inspirational stories, imagery and videos that are produced from Rangers and Guides around the world.




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Ben Block – Editor and Social Media

Ben Block is an aspiring journalist and photographer from Michigan. Currently enrolled as a biology and journalism student at Hillsdale College, Ben is also in charge of pushing Ranger Diaries out to a more international audience in the USA. Splitting his time between the USA and Africa, he works at a conservation genetics lab in Michigan, actively performs in various musical groups, spends time in the field searching for stories and photographs and operates with anti-poaching and conservation units on both continents. He wishes to become a recognised writer and photojournalist whose coverage of environmental issues, conflict and exploration will inspire social, economic and political reform to help the world’s wildlife and wild lands to persevere and eventually thrive.


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