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Top 10 tips for walking in the wild

1. Always wear long trousers, irrespective of the weather. This prevents insect and tick bites, as well as scratches from low-lying bushes.

2. Do not wear bright- or dark blue/black-coloured clothes. Stick to neutral colours such as cream or khaki.

3. Wear comfortable hiking boots to protect you from thorns.

4. Spray your feet, ankles and legs with insect repellant before setting off on your walk.

5. Use a shoulder harness to carry your binoculars to allow quick access, keep your hands free and take the weight off your neck.

6. Take only a small camera. Big cameras are cumbersome and distracting. If you are using your phone as a camera, make sure it is switched to silent.

7. In the bush, silence is golden, so walk quietly to take in the sounds around you.

8. Keep your head up and help your guide look for animals.

9. Listen to and trust your guide, and follow his or her instructions at all times.

10. Be alert but not afraid.

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