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Everything the light touches is our kingdom
Roel van Muiden

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A Mana Pools Morning to Remember

Anticipation was high as we set off from camp one morning in the Mana Pools National Park. The sun was below the horizon and the air was still and clear. The prior evening we had spent some time with a pack of wild dogs known as the Kanga pack. The Kanga pack comprises of 21 adult dogs and 7 pups. Having witnessed an unsuccessful hunt the previous evening, we knew that a sustained hunt was likely.  Heading in the direction of the dogs, we luckily spotted them a few kilometers from where we had left them. They were taunting a few zebra. A.... read more

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We detected a silhouette under a bush in the Moremi Game Reserve. On closer inspecton we found a medium sized African ro... read more

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Brett Wallington

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Birding Jargon Explained!

Recently, I was doing a bit of birding with Birding Ecotours guide John Kinghorn. As we wandered along a path in a lovely birding area, I listened intently for any little chatters and chirps around us. It was so peaceful, so beautiful …. and then “PPPPIIIISSSSSSSSHHHHHHH!!!”  What the heck was that?! The sound was so loud and sudden that I almost jumped out of my pants. John: (nonchalantly) Oh, I’m just calling the birds. Me: Seriously? Then why don’t you whistle rather?.... read more

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Brendon Cremer