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“Clowns to the left of me, seagulls to the right... Here I am, stuck on the May Isle with you.”

Words by Colin Souness Pictures by Nicky Silberbauer   Edinburgh; The capital city of Scotland: known for its castle, the Military Tattoo, quality woollen garments, deep fried food, Holyrood Palace, a movie about heroin abuse and for being home to probably the world’s largest and most famous international arts festival. An eclectic mix by anyone’s standards! And all of this wrapped in the flavoursome blanket of whisky, roadside pipers, tartan souvenirs and ‘proper’ Irn Bru... Only in Scotland! Built on the.... read more

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We detected a silhouette under a bush in the Moremi Game Reserve. On closer inspecton we found a medium sized African ro... read more

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Brett Wallington

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A mother and cub

Young cubs are always a highlight of any safari.  We spent time with this female cheetah and her five-week old cub on two occasions – both times, the youngster put on quite a show for us, constantly stalking and pouncing on her mother and any other object that caught her eye.   At this age they are extremely vulnerable to other predators.  One afternoon, we watched as another female cheetah walked close to where they were lying – both saw her and kept a low profile, avoiding potential conflict which could have led to injury, or worse. The long fur along the cub’s neck.... read more

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Roel van Muiden