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Master of Ambush
Christof Schoeman

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A creature called the Ietermagog

Not too long ago I had shared a post on an enigmatic, rarely seen little creature, the sighting of which for me was a first in my 15 years of guiding in Southern African reserves. If you know my story you will know I am talking about the ever elusive ground pangolin (Manis temminkii), known locally as the ietermagog.  It seems as though I have broken the 15 year dry spell as I have seen 2 in the last 2 months, both sightings giving me a sneak peek into the mysterious lives of these creatures, the opportunity to photograph them in their.... read more

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We detected a silhouette under a bush in the Moremi Game Reserve. On closer inspecton we found a medium sized African ro... read more

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Brett Wallington

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The leopards of Rajasthan

Cats of the dawn Words by Colin SounessPhotography by Nicky SilberbauerBlackness turned first to gloom and then to pale blue. Soon papayaorange painted the dusty skies of the east as morning crept gently upupon the world, climbing the back of the hill on which we sat. A drybut green land of fields, parched riverbeds and impossibly sculptedgranite hills lay spread out around us, slowly opening its colours tothe sky as the sun broke the horizon. Pink rocks, orange soils andprecipitously green crop plantations prepared themselves for anotherday of the.... read more

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Trevor McCall-Peat