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Morkel Erasmus

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Mating Lions

Lions are without a doubt one of the most wished-for species during any African safari.  This trip came up with the goods in spectacular style on more than one occasion, and we were immensely fortunate to spend time with a mating pair.  It’s a sight that’s seldom seen first-hand, and our timing was perfect.  We witnessed scenes that are rarely experienced, in perfect light, giving us superb photographic opportunities of this very memorable encounter.  Leaving camp early one morning, we came across several scattered prides of lions.  The third pride in particular.... read more

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We were lucky enough to video this python swallowing a newly born impala in Moremi, Botswana, at the end of November. I ... read more

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Brett Wallington

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“Clowns to the left of me, seagulls to the right... Here I am, stuck on the May Isle with you.”

Words by Colin Souness Pictures by Nicky Silberbauer   Edinburgh; The capital city of Scotland: known for its castle, the Military Tattoo, quality woollen garments, deep fried food, Holyrood Palace, a movie about heroin abuse and for being home to probably the world’s largest and most famous international arts festival. An eclectic mix by anyone’s standards! And all of this wrapped in the flavoursome blanket of whisky, roadside pipers, tartan souvenirs and ‘proper’ Irn Bru... Only in Scotland! Built on the remains of an.... read more

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Trevor Kleyn