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Rhino Dusk
Andrew Schoeman

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Ballooning over the Busanga Plains, Zambia

A hot air balloon is undoubtedly the best way to gain perspective of this vastly remote and beautiful part of Zambia. A soft quiet launch just after dawn saw us drifting over the plains below, spotting pods of hippos in the water, scattered herds of antelope on the plains, and elephants in the distance.  This silent flight gave us a very surreal view of the spectacular wilderness beneath us. As we prepared to descend, we noticed a lioness and two sub-adult cubs which were literally on our landing patch.  Fortunately they moved.... read more

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This video is a short clip of a female cheetah and her cub just as they have caught an impala lamb. The cub is then allo... read more

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Brett Wallington

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Lower Sabie Coalition

Lower Sabie Coalition It was a cool and cloudy day on the 7th December 2012 and the Kruger Park had sprung into life from all of the spring rains. We were camping down at Crocodile Bridge which is an area notorious for high densities of game. It offers some of the best chances to see the big cats of Kruger. The S25 to the west has regular wild dog sightings while the S28 to the east produces cheetah sightings almost daily. Leopards and lions may be spotted around any corner. Although gate opening time was 4.30am we only awoke at 5.30am. I immediately.... read more

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Tim Smith