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Cub on a Ridge
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Western Lowland Gorillas

Unlike its cousin the Mountain Gorilla of central Africa, the Western Lowland Gorilla is slightly smaller, slightly shyer, climbs trees more often and needs to be approached a lot slower, quieter and more carefully in order to get a good sighting. This we managed and about an hour’s walk from camp the tracker raised his hand for the first time signaling that we should stop and listen as he thought we were close. At first it was difficult to pick out any sounds in the forest, the vegetation was thick, the trees are immense and the soft,.... read more

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We were lucky enough to video this python swallowing a newly born impala in Moremi, Botswana, at the end of November. I ... read more

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Keith Connelly

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A wet dog smells

There are two considerations for a wildlife photographer when out looking for subjects to photograph: the species to photograph and the quality of the sighting. One of our jobs as photographic guides is to go out and find when these two factors are perfectly in sync to produce amazing images for our guests to photograph. For example, most photographers are willing to spend an over cast afternoon sitting in thick bush waiting to photograph a leopard. In complete contrast if a herd of impala is not in the open and in good light is it worth while waiting for the light to change or the herd to.... read more

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David Rosenzweig